Suomen Pakuri Oy

We provides pure chaga mushroom and further processed chaga products for food industry, for example. For forest owners we offer a turn-key service for beginning their own chaga cultivation.

We are the only company in the world producing chaga inoculations, which have been proven to work scientifically and in practice. We sell chaga inoculations that have been proven efficient both scientifically and in practical use.

Our credit rating is the highest: AAA.

Chaga products

Are you interested in our chaga mushroom products? We deliver even bigger orders of pure chaga mushroom. Please ask for more details.

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

Contact information


Phone: +358 400 317 969